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AdlerPersonalised Business Gifts are a Powerful Style Statement

A business gift doesn't have to be just another pen or keychain. Made with the right materials, workmanship and design - it can be a powerful style statement!

That's why Adler's dedicated design team stays informed of the latest design trends and scours the global market to hand select all of the materials and components for our personalized business gifts.

We use the most up-to-date color palettes to offer vibrant, eye-catching colors developed exclusively by us. Choose the color that best represents your style - and we'll create a whole collection of gifts in that color for maximum visibility and impact!

Creating the color connection

With Adler's quality and style, your business gifts are sure to make a lasting impression. And with the gift of color, you also get the ultimate form of personalization. Color allows you to:

  • Say who you are in a way that makes a lasting impression
  • Create your own self-branding strategy with more than just the name of your company imprinted on a product
  • Convey an emotional message that will make even the most loyal of customers or colleagues want to embrace you!
Adler's style message sets us apart from our competitors by co-joining the importance of product aesthetics with the critical element of color. We know what an impact color can make when applied to any product - and we help you use color as an essential part of your own self-styled message.

Imagine giving the gift of a Turkish Sea Calendar or Tango Red Pocket Pal and creating a visceral effect that will leave your customers not just with an impression but, most importantly, a lasting connection to you and your company.

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